In arrivo un nuovo European Chip Act

Il 15-Settembre-2021

Nel suo discorso sullo stato dell’Unione all’Europarlamento, il presidente della Commissione europea Ursula von der Leyen ha delineato le iniziative faro che la Commissione intende intraprendere nel prossimo anno.

Rivendica i successi della campagna vaccinale e di Next Generation Eu (i primi fondi sono arrivati agli Stati principali); parla di Green Deal, pacchetto Fit to 55, finanza verde e difesa comune; presenta la nuova strategia sull’Indo-Pacifico, connettività, Afghanistan, migrazione, stato di diritto, autonomia strategica nella produzione dei semiconduttori.

Estratto discorso relativo ai semiconduttori:

Allow me to focus on semi-conductors, those tiny chips that make everything work: from smartphones and electric scooters to trains or entire smart factories. There is no digital without chips. And while we speak, whole production lines are already working at reduced speed – despite growing demand – because of a shortage of semi-conductors. But while global demand has exploded, Europe’s share across the entire value chain, from design to manufacturing capacity has shrunk. We depend on state-of-the-art chips manufactured in Asia. So this is not just a matter of our competitiveness. This is also a matter of tech sovereignty. So let’s put all of our focus on it.

We will present a new European Chips Act. We need to link together our world-class research, design and testing capacities. We need to coordinate EU and national investment along the value chain. The aim is to jointly create a state-of-the-art European chip ecosystem, including production. That ensures our security of supply and will develop new markets for ground-breaking European tech.

Yes, this is a daunting task. And I know that some claim it cannot be done. But they said the same thing about Galileo 20 years ago. And look what happened. We got our act together. Today European satellites provide the navigation system for more than 2 billion smartphones worldwide. We are world leaders. So let’s be bold again, this time with semi-conductors.

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